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DM Fraser responds to Margaret Atwood in 1974

Part 3 of 5 in the series 3-Cent Magazine

In place of feeling, we’re served a smorgasbord of leftover sentimentalities topped with cheap ironies like stale whipped cream; in place of thought, a catalogue of lnformation Canada platitudes; in place of reasoned political analysis, an undigested lump of anti-American rhetoric no self-respecting paranoiac would lay claim to. And, at the end, we have a cop-out even in terms of the novel itself: another of those weary reconciliations in which, god help us, Revolt is snuffed out in the great damp blanket of lnstant Transcendence. Women take note: the message here, what Surfacing at last comes down to, is that Woman’s place really is, after all, with her Man, just as long as he’s a Canadian : “he may have been sent as a trick. But he isn’t an American, l can see that now; he isn’t anything, he is only half-formed, and for that reason l can trust him.”

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