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Launch day: Banff Centre.
The first entry in this blog, which goes public today, during the lunch break at the in(ter)ventions conference (parentheses supplied by the Banff Centre), was written on the 24th of January; several entries have been added since then during a month of tweaking and trying to understand the process of writing backwards, which seems to be what the blog form requires, as new posts can be seen to displace existing posts rather than adding to them—an illusion of course, but quite convincing; the resulting uneasiness is what you feel when you send an email apologizing for remarks in the email you sent moments earlier and shouldn’t have; now the apology will arrive before the insult.

So this post, which appears at the top of the stack (for the time being) is the last in a sequence of posts written before the blog goes public, in only a few more minutes.

Shortly before lunch intervened at in(ter)ventions, Charles Bernstein read a poem with Saskatoon in it; Steve Tomasula demonstrated the workings of TOC: A New Media Novel, and Erin Moure spoke eloquently about the necessity and the impossiblity of bringing voices from elsewhere into “the context we call Canada” — questions that inform her new book, O Resplandor, just published by Anansi.

I arise now and go, and go to luncheon amongst, between, the silent, the imponderable, the ponderous, the impossibly Rocky, the fallibly pathetic, the totally adverbial, the scene, the scenery, the scene, the scenery, the preponderous virtues of the natural.

Addendum:  Everyone remembers Saskatoon from the movie Atlantic City, but how many remember Woody Herman singing out “Don’t be a goon from Saskatoon,” as he and the Swingin’ Herd wail their way into “Get Your Boots Laced, Papa?”

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