Know when it’s over

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After seven and a half years, and 117 issues, we put the 3-cent magazine to rest with a final monster edition of 24 pages, a length equivalent to 6 regular issues and intended to recognize outstanding subscriptio balances. The Last Issue was dated 20 January 1980, Sunday of the same week that smugglers were discovered concealing Mercedes Benzes in the desert sands of Arabia and  that “Why Should the Father Bother” hit number 18 on the Born Again Hit Parade;  the week the Canadian Civil Defense Commander told the nation there was nothing to fear from a nuclear attack “as long as they don’t attack at night, or by surprise.” We put these interesting facts into the farewell essay because they had come to our attention while the essay was being composed: 3-Cent Pulp was nothing if not aleatory: the pure product of chance operations. “We are getting old,” I wrote, in 1980, when I had achieved the advanced age of 33, “and lacking a bureaucracy with its feckless capacity for regeneration, we want to have a rest and dry out for a while.”

The seventies had ended.

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