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Launch your own blog

Launch day: Banff Centre. The first entry in this blog, which goes public today, during the lunch break at the in(ter)ventions conference (parentheses supplied by the Banff Centre), was written on the 24th of January; several entries have been added since then during a month of tweaking and trying to understand the process of writing […]

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Ten thousand, a million copies in America

Paulo Coehlo, whose books had sold in excess of 65 million copies before one of them fell into my hands in a used book store in the spring of 2009, is described in the biographical note as having suffered torture at the hands of the paramilitary in Brazil in the late nineteen-sixties, an experience that […]

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Know when it’s over

Part 4 of 5 in the series 3-Cent Magazine

4 of 5 posts in 3-Cent MagazineAfter seven and a half years, and 117 issues, we put the 3-cent magazine to rest with a final monster edition of 24 pages, a length equivalent to 6 regular issues and intended to recognize outstanding subscriptio balances. The Last Issue was dated 20 January 1980, Sunday of the […]

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Do the math

Part 2 of 5 in the series 3-Cent Magazine

2 of 5 posts in 3-Cent MagazineBy our own calculations we had in the course of seven years spent $65,000 in the Marble Arch beer parlour, the equivalent of 130,000 glasses of beer. We had printed a total of 117,000 copies of the magazine, half a million pages of literary writing, we had perfected the […]

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The Extensible Moment

Part 2 of 3 in the series 1-Minute Movies

2 of 3 posts in 1-Minute MoviesThe digital camera offers the photographer a new dimension in image-making–we might call it the extensible moment. Photographs made using film technology can be said (as John Berger does) to cut across time. The minute-long photographs that result from holding a digital camera in one position in movie mode embrace or include […]

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